Lab environment

The projects in the lab are, by nature, quite interdisciplinary (blending developmental biology, neuroscience, regeneration, and disease modeling). To tackle these projects we use a variety of in vivo and in silico techniques. Lab members are expected to work hard, ask questions, and have fun doing science.

We seek to recruit trainees from diverse backgrounds and with diverse skill sets. We take a growth mindset approach to mentorship and aim to develop new skills based on individuals’ goals and projects. The lab actively engages with the zebrafish, developmental biology, and neuroscience communities in Seattle. Lab members have a variety of opportunities to present their work and network within this broad community (departmental meetings, joint lab meetings, local and regional meetings).

Postdoctoral fellows

The lab is actively recruiting postdocs. Interested candidates should send a brief cover letter and CV to Jeff contact

Graduate students

Grad students should apply through the Biology, MCB, or Neuroscience programs. Students interested in the lab are encouraged to contact Jeff prior to applying. Potential rotation projects currently include:

  • Developmental patterning of sensory structures
  • RNAseq profiling of skin cell types in various genetic backgrounds
  • Imaging tissue and nerve regeneration

Research technicians

Please check back soon. Future openings will be posted here.

Undergraduate students

We are currently looking for summer students. Preference will be given to applicants who can work full-time (>30 hrs/week).